Frequently Asked Questions: Wireless


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The Mobile Maintenance Program provides coverage for your mobile phone against damage or loss due to fire, theft, vandalism, liquids and certain physical damage. This program protects the original equipment package purchased. The equipment included in this package is: handset, battery, charger and SIM card. Click here for more information.

Anyone who relies on personal mobile devices like smartphones or tablets sooner or later faces issues with data usage on the cellular network services they subscribe to. Cellular services normally restrict the total amount of data traffic each subscriber can generate on the network during a given period of time. This data usage can quickly grow out of control if not properly managed. Watch the video above for more information.

Watch the video above for information on what you need to do to utilize your FTC Wireless service in a foreign country.

There are a variety of reset options available on your mobile devices and all are intended to help your phone function properly. Watch the video above for more information.

The key difference is that smart phones are mobile phones that are similar to a mini computer. A basic phone is similar to a plain old telephone in that it allows the user to make and receive calls and send and receive texts messages. Watch the video above for more information.

All mobile devices have a limited amount of dynamic memory compared to our personal computers. As we rely on our phones more to help us with daily tasks it becomes imperative that we manage the memory that is available to us. Watch the video above for additional information.

We’ve all had an oh no moment when we can’t find our mobile device. Watch the video above for information on how to use the Find My iPhone feature on your device.

Most people have content stored on a wireless device such as photos, videos, contacts, apps, etc. It is important to backup your wireless device on a regular basis so that you do not lose this valuable content. Watch the video above for additional information.

Gmail is email brought to you by Google. If you have a Gmail account which you would like to access via your iPhone or iPad, go to iTunes to buy and download the app. This will give you a secure and a fast way to access your email and keep everything organized.

Being aware, alert and having common sense goes a long way in protecting your mobile device. Watch the video above for additional information.

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