Frequently Asked Questions: Keypad Displays


“AC” loss is an indicator that electrical power has been removed from the system. If you are not experiencing a power outage, check all of your circuit breakers. Service may be required.

This indicates an alarm has occurred. This information will continue to be displayed until you enter your user code and press “Off” (1).

The “Stay” mode also allows for Entry / Exit delay times. If no delay is needed, arm the system in the “Instant” mode. This will not allow any Entry time.

This normally means that electrical power has been removed from the system and the battery has been exhausted. Check all of the circuit breakers. If none are tripped and you have power in your home, service will be required.

“DC” will appear anytime the download software has been used to access the control panels programming.

Any time a zone is faulted it will display on the keypad. This could mean a door or window is open or there may be movement in the area of a motion detector. The system cannot be armed at this time. The fault must be cleared to set the alarm.

“FC” will appear on the keypad anytime the alarm system tried to report an event to the central station and the message was not received. The most common reason this may happen is due to phone service not being available, some type of call block being put on the phone line, or some other type of telephone line trouble.

Your system has an integrated message center. Press function key (#) and then press (3) to listen to your message.

“OC” is displayed on the keypad when communication has been lost between the keypad and the control panel.

The wireless Lynx system has the ability to operate as a speaker phone. Calls can be placed or answered from this location. This feature can be disabled.

“Standby” or “E8” is displayed on the keypad when there are more wireless devices programmed than the system is capable of handling. Service is required.

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